Shinigami-sama to 4-nin no kanojo (Grim Reaper and Four Girlfriends) Status:Completed Manga

Shinigami-sama to 4-nin no kanojo

Author: Suyama Shiya

Artists: Chun


Shinigami (shinigami for short) is a harem manga….. wait don’t leave! Yes i did say harem manga and before you ask To Love Ru has nothing on this. So let’s get started. Shinigami is about a male otaku whose name is Minaguchi Kaoru. Kaoru loves anime, manga and light novels and spends his time reading them whenever he can which is typically why he is sometimes picked on and does not have many firends. However he is very different from your usual otaku protagonist for he,above all, enjoys shoujo manga.His desire is to expirience a pure love like the stories he reads,however, his dreams are quickly crushed when a female shinigami stabs him proclaming that useless people who do not try to better themselves were to be killed by shinigamis and the fact of not having a girlfriend sentences him to die.As he dies he declares even he wanted to be normal which leads to be saved and given a condition by the shinigami to get a girlfriend for least 3 months.In desperation Kaoru sends 4 love letters to 4 different girls hoping to get one of those girls yet doubts that any of them will say yes. Unfortunately they all agree to go out with him which puts him in a quadruple relationship which he immediately wants to end, however he is stopped by the grim reaper and is told to go out with all of the or he dies.He must now date all four for 3 months without them finding out while also dealing with the grim reaper who attempts to sabotage the relationships in order to finish her job quickly and kill Kaoru. Consequences of failure:death. Continue reading

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So my problem is I don’t what to start reviewing so I decided to just review manga that I read and decided to review 5 manga of 3 genres harem, romance, martial arts.

Hope you enjoy since right this is to start off and from their I will review daily (mostly when new chapter are translated) hope you comment and all criticism towards my writing is welcome (since I know that I am not very good at writing.)